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AMUMH: The Ultimate Magnesium Hydroxide Solution for Marine DeSOx EGCS
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Aris Marine is unwavering in our dedication to environmental stewardship. In our quest to provide state-of-the-art solutions for Marine DeSOx EGCS, we conducted an extensive exploration of the Magnesium Hydroxide manufacturing industry. In 2023, after meticulous consideration, we made the strategic decision to invest in and fully acquire Dafei New Material Technology Co., Ltd., situated in the bustling heart of Weifang City, Shandong Province. Dafei epitomizes innovation in the realm of high-tech chemical enterprises, boasting a rich history of over two decades marked by ceaseless technological advancements and groundbreaking research. Through this collaborative venture, we have solidified our position as holders of independent intellectual property rights in the realm of magnesium salt series products.

Introducing AMUMH: Aris Marine's Ultimate Magnesium Hydroxide Solution for Marine DeSOx EGCS. Our enduring commitment to environmental sustainability propels us to continuously innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions that play a pivotal role in curbing marine emissions.












At the heart of our success lies our remarkable desulfurization magnesium hydroxide slurry and its counterpart, the magnesium hydroxide suspension powder. Our ultra-fine magnesium hydroxide powder, characterized by its distinctive porous tubular or honeycomb crystal structure, boasts an exceptional specific surface area, facilitating heightened desulfurization efficiency. With purity levels exceeding 98%, and minimal silicon and calcium content reducing the risk of scaling in desulfurization towers, our products are engineered to minimize operational risks.

Our carefully engineered desulfurization magnesium hydroxide slurry, incorporating specialized dispersants and additives, exhibits low viscosity, ranging below 200 mpa.s, alongside an optimal pH value between 9-11. Ensuring unparalleled long-term stability, flowability, and pumpability, our slurry not only reduces energy consumption and wear of desulfurization equipment but also enhances the overall lifespan, while curbing maintenance and operational costs.

Safety: AMUMH is a completely non-hazardous material, prioritizing the safety of the crew and minimizing risks during handling and potential spillage incidents.

Reliability: With an unparalleled commitment to quality, AMUMH boasts an exceptionally high purity product of meticulously controlled composition, ensuring a consistently durable scrubber system. It maintains an extremely low calcium and silicium content, eliminating issues such as gypsum precipitation and abrasion, while offering a very consistent particle size for seamless operation.

Effectiveness: Harnessing the formidable alkali power of magnesium, AMUMH offers unmatched effectiveness. It facilitates volume reduction of up to 30% compared to Caustic soda, leading to reduced volumes required on board for SOx operations, thereby ensuring both operational efficiency and economic benefits.

Smooth Operation: AMUMH simplifies the scrubber system operations with its user-friendly design and best-in-class stability properties. Thanks to its ultra-fine particle size distribution and specialized formulation, the suspension remains remarkably stable, easy to re-disperse, pump, store, and transport, streamlining the overall operational process.

Elevate your scrubber system with AMUMH – the prime choice for marine DeSOx EGCS, ensuring optimal safety, reliability, effectiveness, and smooth operation.

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