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Shipyard Brokerage Service

At Aris Marine, we have established unique agreements with top shipyards in China, facilitating a seamless connection between ship operator or owner companies and our trusted solution partners to address their ship repair, maintenance, or conversion requirements.

When selecting a shipyard, we adhere to specific criteria, including:

  • Quality of repair

  • Timely project completion

  • Optimal budget utilization

  • Effective reporting and communication with Class, Ship, Owners & Operators

Our comprehensive assessment encompasses various factors such as the ship's work list, shipyard capacity, reliability, capability, and location, aligned with the specific requests and criteria of shipowner and operator companies. The final report and list resulting from this analysis enable ship owners and operators to make the most suitable choice for their needs.

Furthermore, during the vessel's repair, we actively engage on-site, overseeing the entire process from commencement to completion. Acting as the local technical superintendent on behalf of the shipowner or management company, we ensure that repairs are executed within the designated time frame and budget.

Advantages We Provide:

  • Time Saving: Our dedicated research on various shipyard and repair options expedites the process, helping you find the right shipyard swiftly.

  • Hassle-Free Repair and Management: We guarantee smooth progress at the shipyard, ensuring timely delivery of the ship.

  • Budgetary Commitment: Our priority is the effective and judicious use of the budget, ensuring that the repair stays within the allocated financial parameters.

Our Shipyards
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