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Ship Superintendence Services

Aris Marine offers comprehensive ship superintendence services tailored to ship owners and management companies, ensuring precise adherence to management protocols and procedures. Our adept team provides invaluable support during periodic class or statutory surveys, vessel repairs, construction periods, and dry-dock inspections.

Our services are designed to significantly reduce the costs typically associated with stationing a superintendent at remote ports or dry-docks. Opting for an Aris Marine local surveyor translates to substantial savings on subsistence allowances, accommodation, transportation, and airfare expenses.

Advantages of Partnering with Aris Marine

  • Extensive expertise in marine supervision and class surveying

  • Global presence in key international ports

  • Cost-effectiveness for employers

  • Minimized travel-related expenditures

  • Proficient negotiation skills with class surveyors for your benefit

  • Seamless communication with your head technical office

  • Competitive and appealing fees

Partner with Aris Marine for a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient approach to ship superintendence, ensuring smooth operations and meticulous oversight at every stage of your maritime ventures.

Our Clients

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